Three wishes


“The three wishes of everyone: to be healthy, to be rich by honest means, and to be beautiful.”

Plato (427/428 – 348/347 BCE)


aladin's lampIf Brad Pitt (or your Man of the Moment) came to you and said: ‘Here are three wishes to do with as you please and they will all be granted,’ what would you wish for?  I’m not talking about generalisations here; no ‘World Peace’, ‘End Poverty’, or ‘No more famine’ etc. Or wishing that your children or siblings could have a good job, a great life, with a nice house – although all those things are what we would love for our children and siblings anyway.

No, I’m talking about what would YOU ask for YOURSELF?  I’m not in your shoes so I can’t answer this question on your behalf.  For myself, I could ask that I could lose weight, not effortlessly, (because if weight-loss was that easy, we wouldn’t learn how NOT to eat to gain the weight in the first place) but perhaps with less angst on my part.  I could ask for a better grasp of what’s important in my day so that I get that done first and not while away my day playing word games or doing online jigsaw puzzles, especially as I do have a lot of writing projects on the go.  Or I could ask that I have enough time to write letters to friends who live alone and for whom, a letter out of the blue might brighten an otherwise solitary day.

None of my wishes (just plucked from the air, by the way.  I haven’t spent any time in seriously thinking about this) would change me much as a person, but instead of stressing about losing weight (going with my supposed three wishes), I might accept myself as I am. Sometimes, when we stop trying to force the issue, and just let it be, miracles DO happen – and maybe I’ll find myself losing weight.

And instead of playing games I would get on with my writing projects:  this blog; my newspaper column on cat care; articles for my website on cats (; competition entries and guest writing on other people’s blogs.

And finally, because of the second wish, I don’t have lots of time and letter-writing was something I loved doing and everyone loves receiving letters, don’t they?  Receiving a letter tells the recipient that the sender was thinking about them; that they are a much-loved family member, friend or ex-work colleague and we’re enquiring after their health, their family, while exchanging some newsy anecdotes about our lives.  With texts and emails the art of letter-writing is all but dead.

Now back to the three wishes.  You’ve chosen your three – all for yourself as I said. Now, narrow that down to just one.  Which one would you choose – and why?  Now write and tell me and, together, we’ll see if we can work through it so that you can achieve that wish.



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